About Us

Our Mission

To support and promote the use of Restorative Justice practices to repair harm, address obligations, and collaboratively meet the needs of all.

Our Vision

We offer training in Restorative Justice practices, provide trained facilitators of Restorative Justice practices, and promote the adoption of Restorative Justice in our community.

Our Non-Profit

Our Restorative Justice Center is a project of the Teran James Young Foundation, dba NVCnextgen. The Teran James Young Foundation is a non-profit which endeavors to cultivate greater peace in the world by imparting Nonviolent Communication to the next generation (hence, the name NVCnextgen).

Along with the Restorative Justice Center, the Teran James Young Foundation offers many other services and programs to the island’s schools and greater community, including the Hale PonoYouth Shelter, a short-term shelter for at-risk youth, and Maluhia Mediation, where trained mediators help members of the community move through conflict in a way that builds connection and strengthens relationships.

To learn more about the Teran James Young Foundation and the programs and services we offer, please visit our website at teranjy.org.

Our Team

Meet our team at NVCnextgen and the Teran James Young Foundation!