*Our Restorative Justice legislation is up for review!*

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Restorative justice is justice system that focuses on giving offenders the opportunity to repair the harm that they’ve caused through their actions rather than just focusing on punishing them.  It involves victims, offenders, and other stakeholders in a conflict cooperatively leveraging the language and skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to come to a resolution in order to repair any harm done to individuals, relationships, and the community.

Rather than simply defining an offense as something wrong to be punished, as the traditional justice system does, restorative justice seeks to restore the damage done by the offense and measures its success by the amount of harm that is repaired or prevented.

Our mission at the Restorative Justice Center is to offer Restorative Justice practices to our community in order to go beyond the divisive, judgmental mindsets of the punitive criminal justice system toward resolutions allowing for true healing and harmony, and the repair and strengthening of relationships between individuals and their communities.

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