What is NVC?

As noted by Marshall Rosenberg PhD, founder of NVC and author of, “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life”: Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a ‘language of life’ that allows us to move away from the contentious, “us vs. them” enemy-mentality to one that operates from a place of empathy, compassion, and understanding.

Utilizing the skills and language of NVC creates a foundation for connection with ourselves and others, and aids us in focusing on, and appreciating the profound value of this connection has in our lives.

Most of us live our daily lives on a habit and heuristic-driven autopilot, constantly looking toward the future, without conscious awareness on the present, or how our words and actions affect those around us. By creating a space for attention, respect, and gratitude for each and every moment, NVC helps create a pathway toward living with intent so that we may lead a life of gratitude, connection, and peace.

*How Does NVC Work?-

The Three Modes of NVC:

1. Self-awareness: The awareness of our own moment-to-moment experience is a necessary prerequisite for effective communication and action. When we can name and understand the phenomeon we are observing, thinking, and feeling, we can effectively formulate proposals that will meet our needs and the needs of others.

2. Empathy: The understanding of how our needs drive our thoughts and actions allows us to extend this frame of mind outward to others. Seeing that others are acting in an attempt to fulfill their universal needs, just as we are, fosters common ground and a sense of care for one another in this shared human experience.

3. Honesty: Stating our true thoughts and feelings allows us to authentically communicate our needs, and facilitates coming to collaborative solutions that will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

The Four Components of NVC:

  1. Observation: The perceptions of your five senses
  2. Feeling: The physical sensations and emotions you feel
  3. Need: The universal human need driving your thoughts and actions
  4. Request: What you could ask for in order to meet this need

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