Restorative Dialogue

A Restorative Dialogue is a one-sided restorative offer that is used when only the victim or only the offender is willing to pursue a restorative solution.

In a Restorative Dialogue, we meet with the willing party and hold a dialogue for up to two hours to explore the event and the harm it has caused, and collaborate with them to devise a restorative plan of how the harm could be repaired. This plan can then be sent to the other party and/or the applicable judiciary bodies in the form of a request for their consideration, ideally leading to a Victim-Offender Conference or Full Restorative Conference.

Regardless of the other party’s willingness to participate, a Restorative Dialogue can be very beneficial for the victim or offender. It allows offenders to voluntarily take responsibility for what they have done and helps them to change their future behavior, and affords victims the opportunity to tell their story and helps them to figure out how they can recover from the event and move forward.

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