Full Restorative Conferencing

Full Restorative Conferencing brings together all the stakeholders in a community (victims, offenders, family, friends, key supporters, relevant professionals and other interested parties), to decide on how to address an offense and repair the harm caused by it.  

Full Restorative Conferencing gives the victims the agency to be directly involved in responding to the offense, increases the offender’s awareness of the impact of the offense and how it extends to the greater community, allows them to take responsibility for the harm that they’ve caused, and allows the support system of both of the offenders to be engaged in the process of repairing the harm (e.g. The support system of the offender can aid the offender in making amends for the harm they’ve caused, and help the offender to plan and stay committed to the changes they will make to their future behavior), and offers both victims and offenders the opportunity for extended community support.

If would be interested in utilizing a Full Restorative Conference in resolving your conflict, please email us at info@nvcnextgen.org. Please include in your email a description of the conflict and the parties involved.